Friday, June 27, 2014

Seamstress and Painter ChaRee Headley Takes Inspiration from Body and Soul

ChaRee Headley and her husband, Ben, work together under the business name CherriTree Designs, to create costumes “for all shapes and sizes.”

ChaRee and Ben Headley in their Renaissance Festival costumes

ChaRee also paints with acrylics and sometimes oils, and sews other novelty items, which often incorporate metal and ceramic embellishments; and Ben works with metal and leather, as well as helping out with the sewing and design of costumes.

Mating Dance of Cthulhu, acrylic on canvas
She is participating in LoLa for the first time this year, at her home studio on Minnehaha Avenue, where “sewing happens in the living room with the presence of my two children playing and my husband, Ben, working on his projects.”

Corset-inspired cup cozies

What media do you work in?
Our main media is in fabric. We also work in acrylic paint, ceramics, leather, and metal.

Blue Sun

What inspires/informs your art?
For fabric, we are inspired by the human form and create custom clothing. Paintings are a spur-of-the-moment creation and come from that inspiration.

A corset in leather and metal
Why did you join LoLa?
I joined LoLa because it is in my neighborhood and it seems to be a fun weekend.


Are you doing anything special for Lola?
My kids are going to have refreshments and snacks available. (Or else I will end up providing them!)

See more of CherriTree Designs in their Etsy shop and on on their Tumblr page, and follow them on Facebook here.

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