Monday, June 23, 2014

Nicole Fierce Blows Glass with Form, Function, and Light in Mind

Nicole Fierce makes blown and sculpted glass art pieces that are functional and affordable as well as beautiful, such as vases, paper weights, and bowls. She also makes jewelry she describes as “industrial,” from mixed metals.

“I truly enjoy making functional works for everyday use,” she says. “There is something amazing about holding a piece of art that someone else made with their hands.”

Nicole comes from a background in theatrical lighting design, but “fell in love with glass art” at FOCI (Minnesota Center for Glass Arts) two and a half years ago, where she now spends at least three days a week in the studio. She often demonstrates the process of glass blowing to “anyone who walks in the door.”

She is returning for her fourth year with LoLa and will be showing at her home, along with jewelry maker JeanBushey and potter Sarah Simpson, and possibly one other artist.

What inspires/informs your art?
One word: light.  It all revolves around the way light and color work together and the way certain colors and levels of reflection make us feel. I like to see the way colors play together and how the light reacts with them.

My love for blown glass is inspired by my theatrical lighting design background.  It heavily influences everything I make.  Blown glass art and theatrical lighting are both designed with the following in mind: color, shape, shadow, accents, reflectivity, and form.  For me, it has been a very natural transition.  Blowing glass allows me to express myself using my life experiences and knowledge of how light and color affect people.

What do you like about Lola?
I truly enjoy the concept of inviting people to my home to see who I am as an artist and what I do.  Our homes reflect our art and I feel that is one of the things that makes Lola so unique.  I joined after being a guest at some other folks' homes.

Are you planning to do anything special during LoLa?
I feel it is important to offer proper hospitality when inviting people to my home.  Of course there will be snacks and refreshments!  Blowing glass is unfortunately not something that I am able to do at home. Perhaps some of the other Lola artists displaying at my home will be able to do something interesting.

Any additional thoughts?
My work evolves every day.  I will always consider myself a student of glass.  Blowing glass has changed my life in a dramatic way.  It continues to teach me how to be calm, patient, and focused, especially when distractions are present.

See more examples of Nicole’s glass objects in her Etsy shop; follow her on Facebook; or visit her Wordpress site.

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