Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brenda Peterson Crafts Whimsical Wearable Art for Geeks and Other Playful People

Fiber artist Brenda Peterson is returning for her third LoLa art crawl this summer, and her second year volunteering as LoLa's social media manager. You will find her posts on the LoLa Facebook page and can follow LoLa on Twitter via @LoLaArtistsMN.

Brenda identifies herself as the Crafty Gal at Mellow Fury, the name of her Etsy shop and Facebook page, with the tag line, "Handmade with 100% rechanneled aggression."

What media do you work in?
I am a fiber artist who knits and works with tie dye. I hand knit hats for babies through adults including monster hats, slouch hats, chemo caps, and geek-themed hats. I also create fun tie dye clothing including upcycled tie dye creations and "Big Guy Tie Dye," which are in sizes 2XL and larger. All items are handmade with 100% rechanneled aggression.

What inspires and informs your art?
When I was a child, my mother worked at a yarn shop and taught knitting and crocheting classes; I learned how to knit from her. A few years ago, after I finished graduate school, I rediscovered knitting because I wanted to knit a "Jayne hat," which is a hat featured in an episode of a short-lived Sci Fi TV series called Firefly. Since then, I've made hats inspired by different characters, including Boba Fett from Star Wars and the new Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. 

Captain Marvel hat 

In addition to my science fiction-themed work, I create silly monster hats because they are just plain fun, chemo caps for those who are battling disease and slouch hats, which combine color and style. In my overly verbal life, I enjoy the act of creating fun and functional artwork that requires no words, and brings people joy.

What do you like about LoLa?
I like being part of an artist community. I enjoy connecting with other artists, learning from one another and helping one another to be successful as artists and art businesspeople.

Where will you be showing for the LoLa art crawl?
My husband, Michael Treat (Smirking Tiger) and I will be at Fireroast Cafe (3800 37th Ave. S.)

Do you plan to do anything special during LoLa?
During LoLa, I'll be giving away a baby monster hat. In addition, I'm sure I'll be knitting away during the whole of the event.

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