Thursday, June 12, 2014

LoLa Artist Chris Miller Captures the Sunlight One Shard of Glass at a Time

Mosaic artist Chris Miller is looking forward to bringing his glass-on-glass mosaic creations out into the sunshine for his fourth LoLa art crawl this summer. His joyful and slightly quirky approach to art is best described by the artist’s statement on his Tumblr site (which you can visit here):

“I have a little trouble sitting still. And I like to have a project. Glass-on-Glass mosaic, that’s my project. A little red house in a sun burnt field. A gnarly dead tree on a lonely road. The limb of a cherry blossom tree. I visit these places one shard of glass at a time. I like to think of my designs as jewelry for your home.”

What inspires/informs your art?
Nature, crumbling infrastructure, music, musicians, and beer

Where will you be showing for LoLa?
The entirety of my backyard.

What do you like about LoLa?
LOLA has become my favorite weekend of the summer! 

After a winter of creation, it brings me joy to see a year’s work lit up with the sun in my yard, sorta like Frankenstein—born of my dark cellar and released unto the world (but these are friendly, and they aren’t afraid of fire).

Are you planning to do anything special during LoLa?
During the crawl I am typically too busy for large demonstrations, but I am more than willing to answer questions and give small demonstrations upon request.  Music and refreshments are always played and served. 

And I am happy to tell jokes, though if history is any indication, folks don’t exactly find them “special,” “entertaining,” or “refreshing.”

LoLa maps will be available in early August; look for them throughout Greater Longfellow in South Minneapolis and surrounding neighborhoods, or from the LoLa website. For the latest news about LoLa, look for League of Longfellow Artists on Facebook. 

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