Monday, June 16, 2014

Bob Schmitt Paints the Spirit of the Landscape with Ink and Brush

Bob Schmitt has been painting in the sumi-e tradition for over 50 years—since he was a child—and currently paints with both Chinese ink and watercolor in his Minneapolis home studio.

A co-founder of the League of Longfellow Artists in 2009 and volunteer art crawl administrator for the group’s first five years, Bob is joining the LoLa art crawl for the sixth time this year. He’ll be showing at his home studio, called Laughing Waters Studio.

What inspires/informs your art?
The tradition of Chinese landscape painting, informed by my 17 years of weekly lessons with a local Chinese painting master.

And the beauty of the Minnesota landscape.

What do you like about LoLa?
The amazing uncovering of hidden artists and talents in this neighborhood.

One-stroke painting: "Summer"

Will you be doing anything special for LoLa?
I will be doing demonstrations both days, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Demonstrating painting pine tree, one-stroke painting, and splash painting.

You can see more examples of Bob’s artwork and get information about classes he teaches on his website, Laughing Waters Studio.

The LoLa art crawl takes place August 23–24 throughout the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. Maps will be available in early August, and more information will be posted on the LoLa website.

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