Friday, July 4, 2014

Melissa Borman Offers an Aesthetic Guide into—and out of—the Woods

Melissa Borman is an installation artist using photography, natural objects, and other media to explore notions of truth and myth, how we communicate, and how we understand and relate to our natural surroundings.

For LoLa, which, as you know, takes place August 23–24, she will be showing at PrairieWoodworking, 3537 East Lake Street. 

What to do When Lost in the Woods, installation detail, archival pigment print

Later this month, her work, What to do When Lost in the Woods, which comprises 143 11-by-8.5-inch pages, arranged on site, is showing at TuckUnder Projects, 5120 York Avenue South, in an exhibition with five other artists that opens on July 31. 

What to do When Lost in the Woods, installation detail, text on paper

What informs/inspires your art?
I use symbolically and historically potent words, imagery and objects to examine traditional and contemporary systems of communication, the distribution of information, and notions of truth. I am particularly interested in how various modes of relaying information impact our collective cultural understanding of the natural world. I am drawn to maps and globes, as well as pamphlets and fliers about the natural world as sources of information. I'm also inspired by imagery in myths and fairy tales.

A Sea of Troubles Meets the Trees Themselves; c-prints, twigs, suspended envelopes with text, found objects and sound

Why did you join Lola?
I have friends who have participated in past LoLa art crawls and they encouraged me to join.

A Sea of Troubles Meets the Trees Themselves

Are you doing anything special for Lola?
Yes, we will have refreshments!

For more images of Melissa's work, news, and recent exhibitions and installations, visit Melissa’swebsite.

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