Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kim Gordon’s Cards and Paintings Reflect the Longfellow Neighborhood’s Architectural and Natural Beauty

Kim Gordon is a designer and illustrator under the name Open Cupboard Designs, and has been painting with oils her "entire life." She has a line of greeting cards inspired by the Longfellow neighborhood—its arts and crafts architecture, the closeness of the river, and the presence of nature everywhere.

This is her first time participating in the LoLa art crawl; she’ll be showing at Northwest Graphic Supply, 4200 E. Lake St., along with painter Megan Moore. 

River Gorge, by Kim Gordon

What inspires/informs your art?
My quest is to feel connected to the natural world around me, and my interest in landscape painting springs from that desire. I am by nature an observer, and am fascinated by light and its play on form, of capturing a sense of place, the vitality and movement of the natural world. 

My greeting cards incorporate my interest in the natural world as well, and my interest in animals, both companion and wild, especially the bird life that the river and the surrounding woods support.

What do you like about LoLa?
It is a great way for artists in the community to show their work and for the community to embrace the incredible amount of art making that goes on within it.

Last Snow, by Kim Gordon

What’s new with you this summer?
My greeting cards were just chosen by Stationery Trends magazine for their summer 2014 "Fresh Picks"! 

I currently have work in the Horizontal Grandeur show (the show premise is a Bill Holm essay about the prairie) at the Stevens County Historical Museum in Morris, Minnesota, from July to October. And I will have a solo show (painting) at the Northfield Arts Guild, in the Up Gallery, October to December. 

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, by Kim Gordon

See more of Kim’s artwork on her website and in her Etsy shop.

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