Monday, July 7, 2014

Lisa Arnold Creates Mosaics Inspired by Nature and Sparkles

Mosaic artist Lisa Arnold has participated in the LoLa art crawl “every time since year 1.” She works mostly with stained glass, creating mosaics and decorative objects under the name Xola Arts. For the art crawl, she will be at Blue Moon Coffee Cafe, 3822 E. Lake St. 

What inspires/informs your art?
Nature, art, all my sparkling materials. I like experimenting and trying new things; I’m motivated by curiosity, wonder, and surprise.

What are you working on this summer?
I'm really excited about the community mosaic art projects I'm doing this summer.  I'm working with 13 libraries across Minnesota to make big and small murals that promote art and reading. By the end of the year, 43 libraries in Minnesota (plus one in NYC) will have work of mine hanging in them.  I also did my third art residency in Negril, Jamaica, this year.  

And I've enjoyed making some commissions this summer—it's so much fun working for others on specific meaningful pieces.

What do you like about Lola?
What a great community event!  Neighborhood pride, plus a great way to share my work!

Are you planning anything special for Lola?
I'm holding a drawing each day for a mosaic give-away—two mosaics, one for each day. 

You can see more of Lisa’s mosaic creations at Blue Moon any time, and at Mother Earth Gardens’ Longfellow location, and on her Xola Arts Flickr page. 

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