Thursday, August 7, 2014

Parkway Pottery by Alice Nelson-Lindall is Functional Pottery and More

Alice Nelson-Lindall makes functional pottery under the business name Parkway Pottery, which began as a hobby but has recently grown into “a nice small business,” she says.

Now she has pieces for sale at Seward Co-op and will also be selling her pottery at the Fall into the Arts Festival in Edina on September 6 and 7. 

And she’s participating in LoLa for the first time this year, at her home at 2712 East Minnehaha Parkway in the Nokomis part of greater Longfellow, along with woodworking artist Kate Hepp (Whoville Creations). “With my southern location on the map, I hope you venture into new territory to visit my space,” she says.

What do you like about LoLa? Why did you join?
I live in the greater LoLa area, and want to support my community

What inspires/informs your artwork?
I take inspiration from color, texture and patterns. Utilizing a variety of firing techniques, glazes, shapes, and forms keeps my creative juices flowing.

I am blessed to be able to spend so much time doing something that I love. When I am decorating or carving on a pot, I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I remember when I first started selling my work, there were pieces that I was so attached to that I could not part with them. As I created more work, new pieces took their place.  I still keep special pieces just for me, but now I get as much pleasure watching other people pick out a piece of my work that they love as well.

Primarily, I make functional pieces—bowls, mugs, plates; items we use in our everyday lives. However, I am always looking for that new item that will add a spark to my garden, or that will just look nice sitting on a shelf. For ideas about how to add art to your garden be sure to stop by my site!

I new line that I recently developed is called Up North, showing our beautiful Minnesota pine trees and just a hint of snow.  They look beautiful on a holiday table, or just at your cabin 'Up North.”

Visit the Parkway Pottery Facebook page and 'like' for a 10 percent discount on your purchases during LoLa, and for updated information on where to find Alice and her work.

You can also arrange to see and purchase pottery from Alice by contacting her at

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